The Temple of Oculus Anubis Mystery Solved?

"The Temple Oculus Anubis"

"The Temple Oculus Anubis"

My article on Oregon's "Temple Oculus Anubis" has gained a lot of traction over the last year, from my research being referenced by many websites to being interviewed for a podcast concerning my findings.  Unfortunately, some of the websites, such as Article Cats’, have completely misrepresented the purpose of the piece. The article was about collecting the variety of folklore and mythology the secretive compound has garnered. Many forget that the byline even states that the place "KEEPS OREGON MYTH-MAKERS REELING."

The purpose of the piece was purely paranthropological (anthropological approaches to the paranormal) and was not meant to further any nefarious speculation, but to celebrate local urban legends.  The article even resolves to the more logical assumptions being the case: 

“Now, we here at Esotericana realize that the SUBREDDIT /NOSLEEP is continually overwrought with what could be considered "CREEPY PASTA" or internet scary stories, so embellishments would have been warranted. That being said, if the family of Egyptian Optometrists were exceedingly private, we don't find anything odd about the residents wanting people to vacate their premises. That said, this whole take is life-giving to the mythos at large…"

And concludes with: 

“Whatever the case may be, it is private property and most certainly a residence, so we refuse to publish the address or condone any trespassing on any private property. Please, leave the speculation to the internet and leave the residents be!”

About six months ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed for an audio segment by two Portland grad students, Joe Kuffner and Phoenix Jiang, to discuss the article’s intention and the fun of it’s curious conspiracies. 

The thing is, they went one further, something I didn’t even consider doing in my piece, they solved the mystery.  Listen below and put all these conspiracy theorists such as podcaster Brett Mansor who claims the residents of “killing bunny rabbits” (A claim I never came across) to rest.

They got a hold of the owner's widow and it turns out that the family of well-traveled, Egyptian art collectors have had the residence since 1971.  

But the widow, named Sharon Neil, revealed some very interesting plans in store for the residence.  I won't spoil it here, but am very excited about the home's future...

It was an honor to represent Esotericana and help logic win-out, but bittersweet to lay these internet myths to rest.  As Phoenix states at the end, “It’s like your parents telling you there are no Santas in the world.”