Curse of the Baby Japanese Kleenex Ogre

Quite possibly the creepiest commercial ever committed to tape has become the subject of an awesomely executed hoax this week.

Soon after the spot first aired in the mid 1980s, rumors began to spread that each crew member involved in the commercial's production had fallen ill or suddenly died under mysterious circumstances.

Stories circulated that the toddler actor who played the ogre died a week after filming, and that the beautiful actress died several months later from complications due to pregnancy with a demon baby. 

As the urban legend took shape, it was said that those unfortunate enough to catch the spot when it aired late at night would hear the celestial soprano voice transform to a menacing rasp and curse the viewer to insanity and eventual suicide.

Earlier this week, a video was posted to YouTube purportedly capturing the commercial's transformation at the stroke of midnight. After watching the original video at 11:59, the video shows an unidentified person play the exact same video at midnight, this time the footage data-moshing itself to creepy oblivion; eventually giving way to a pair of looming eyes piercing through the television.

Take a look at the original, and the version capturing the alleged curse in action: